Peter Lančarič is only entering the artistic scene of photography but we can already feel that he is an author for whom the photography is very vital. Even though he may appear as an introvert, the imaginary “stairs” represent the entrance into his life which he opens in front of us without any doubts. He does so not because he wants to, but because he has to.

And so, I do not even know how, I undoubtedly came up those stairs on a street corner and suddenly I was standing inside. At that time, the owner of those rooms was somehow uncertain, sad and cheerful at the same time. He was changing. He was gaining a new identity. There is no better moment for creating than the one when an artist experiences a crisis. Peter´s energy connects here with a mature photographic expression. And that is the moment when he wins you, as the audience, by his directness and talking openly about experience and feelings of a young person.

The exhibited cycle is the first solo exhibition of Peter Lančarič and I believe that this is just a gingerly beginning of all that he plans for us. This diarylike, intimate and black-and-white insight into his life is about finding himself through a relationship with the other person.

The change in angles in the photos opens a different world. We gain the feeling that in the volatility of these parallel worlds we are with Peter at the right place. Working with nudity is not superficial in his work. Through a kind of stripping, the author shows us his anxieties and quiet intersections with the environment. Nostalgia and aesthetics are only an accompaniment of his photos, since they serve him for interpreting visual parables and stories from his sub-conscience. He uses a destruction of communication. His space is cold, full of estrangement, but sentimental at the same time.

In his pictures, Lančarič at times associates with the work of Nan Goldin, but with his image poetics and searching for a relationships philosophy he is closer to the imagery of Francesca Woodman. Peter´s work gives us a message about how alienated and, at the same time, close the two people can be in one room.

I do not know what it is, whether it is the magic of analogue photos, or the crisis in the relationship with another person which the author experienced. However, the transformation occurred incredibly fast..

Petra Cepková