Peter Lančarič, PhD.

Peter Lančarič (1989) is a photographer whose work includes, in addition to documentary photography, also conceptual and intermedial projects and video. He mainly addresses topics such as intimacy and identity, but he also works with socially engaged photography. He is a assistent professor at the Department of Artistic Communication, FMK UCM in Trnava, Slovakia. He participates in teaching with doc. MgA. Jozef Sedlák and Mgr. Art. Petra Cepková, ArtD. at the Atelier of communication in the medium of photography and in teaching of the subject Journalistic photography. In the research part of his study, he deals with the influence of digitalization on the medium of photography and with shifting nature of a portrait as an artistic form. He actively works in the third sector and he is a co-founder of the cultural and artistic centre KUBIK NÁPADOV in Trnava. He is also a co-founder of The Shop Window Gallery which is a public art space in the old shop widows located on the main city strip the city of Trnava, Slovakia.  He systematically maps Slovak DIY culture.

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